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Jasna Art

October 27th, 2013

Jasna Art

Such a richly varied exhibition Jasna Dragun stems from its rich experience cognitive, aesthetic sensitivity and great devotion to fine arts. The author presents her inherent artistic vision, very courageous and consistent regardless of the technique or motive. We could say that there is no motive that is not worth its attention, on the contrary, she finds beauty in all, each a challenge and an inspiration for a new artistic expression. Expressing them in various techniques reveals her feelings for material property which allows to influence the character of the offense. Skillfully achieves transparency and freshness of watercolors, acrylics stability and fullness. In each work brings her personal experience seen, and by the same shows herself. She looks and sees the world around her, expressing admiration for each new opportunity and enjoy the way of artistic creativity.

Foreword to the catalog: Robert Topolovec Pulko, acad. painter